Teenage Students Raising Hands



 Oakland Mills United is a community organization in Howard County that advocates for the betterment of schools within the Oakland Mills community and provides support for our schools and our students through various initiatives and programs.

Oakland Mills United is run by an entirely volunteer staff. Our staff consists of current and former Oakland Mills cluster students who strive towards creating a more equitable tomorrow for our community today. We are an organization led by youth, students, and young adults and are supported by professionals with expertise in both the nonprofit world and in education.

Oakland Mills United is governed by our volunteer Board of Directors, which are responsible for providing governance and oversight of our organization and maintains our financial assets. In addition, our Board provides support for our staff to ensure that Oakland Mills United is effectively serving our community. 

Organization Updates


Oakland Mills United is currently in the process to file for 501(c)(3) non-profit status to serve our community as an official non-profit organization. We are thankful to Oakland Mills Online for acting as our Fiscal Sponsor, both managing grant money and allowing for Oakland Mills United to pursue grant opportunities. 


"Remember our history, celebrate our culture, and leave our legacy". This was the mission and vision of the OMHS Class of 2020. Oakland Mills United is the living legacy of the OMHS Class of 2020.


Founded in April 2020, our initial purpose was to create a strong advocacy network and platform to represent and fight for equity for Oakland Mills schools and students, mainly working with youth, parents/guardians, staff, and students, to educate and empower them so we could demand real change to the Board of Education to provide the overdue and critically needed funding.

In July 2020, Oakland Mills United transitioned into also creating services that directly impact our community today through establishing our Leadership in Action, Student Enrichment, and Road to College initiatives. Today, Oakland Mills United maintains these initiatives along with our advocacy efforts to benefit and impact the students and schools in Oakland Mills.

Today, we have a Board of Directors that governs the organization along with a volunteer staff that maintains the organizations day to day operations. Currently we are filing and pending for our 501(c)3 nonprofit status to operate as an official nonprofit organization to serve our community in a greater capacity. We thank Oakland Mills Online for acting as our fiscal sponsor during this time.