Teenage Students Raising Hands



 We are a community organization in Howard County that advocates for the betterment of schools within the Oakland Mills community and provides support for our schools and our students through various initiatives and programs.

Organization Updates


Oakland Mills United is currently in the process to file for 501(c)(3) non-profit status to serve our community as an official non-profit organization. We are thankful to Oakland Mills Online for acting as our Fiscal Sponsor, both managing grant money and allowing for Oakland Mills United to pursue grant opportunities. 


Changing the Stigma

Those who are part of the Oakland Mills community know how beautiful and caring our community is but they also know how others in Howard County view it. Our community is constantly subjected to false and negative stereotypes that go against who we are and what we believe to be true. We want to ensure that members of the OM community are appreciated and respected beyond our physical borders.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

The Oakland Mills community has constantly faced the systematic problem of inequities that impact the education of students at our school. This is not the fault of the student, but the fault of the HCPSS for not properly addressing and reducing this gap. These inequity issues impact the student’s education, both inside and outside the classroom. We want to make sure that our students are given the same opportunities and academic resources needed for them to succeed.​

Maintenance of School Buildings

Many of the school buildings in the Oakland Mills community were constructed over 40 years ago and need desperate repair or school relocation. Every year the fiscal budget is set, repairs to our schools are pushed back year to year, while other schools are being repaired before ours, even though we our schools are among the oldest in the county. Our schools are also not on the Capital Improvement Plan, meaning that the county will not renovate or repair our schools until after 2040. We will advocate for our schools buildings to be physically up to the same standards as the other schools in the HCPSS and to also be repaired be in equitable and timely manner.


​Redistricting is no new issue and time and time again, when these talks begin, many people say many false, negative, degrading, and hurtful things about our community, schools, and students. The Oakland Mills community prides itself in welcoming everyone into our community. However, this feeling is not mutual when Oakland Mills students have to enter other communities. We want to make sure that the language surrounding our school during this time is positive, truthful, and highlighting the many wonderful things about our community. Please note that we are not advocating for redistricting or any current plans at this time. ​