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Representing our cOMmunity in Oakland Mills, Howard County, and Maryland

Advocating for K-12 education. Establishing relationships. Building coalitions. Empowering our community

Top Issues

OMU is committed to advocating for public schools, student well-being, and school infrastructure across Howard County and Maryland. The following items are OMU's priority issues. 

Renovation of OMMS and OMHS

OMMS and OMHS are two of the oldest schools in Howard County, totaling over $160 million in deferred maintenance. For years, HCPSS has delayed systematic renovations and we want to ensure that these schools receive funding for renovations along with other older HCPSS schools.

Student well-being

Supporting student well-being is a core of our mission. We want to ensure that all K-12 students receive the support they need to be successful. From mental health to academic support to college preparation, we want to ensure that all students can succeed and are supported.


Expanding representation

Oakland Mills is a vibrant community that has historically been underrepresented on both the county and state levels. We want to to ensure that our community is represented in all sectors of government to ensure that our voices are heard and needs are met. 

Our Work

Learn about the work the Oakland Mills community is doing to advocate for students, schools, and communities across Howard County

The Oakland Mills Coalition

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Questions about our Community Advocacy?

Contact our Executive Director & CEO

Samuel Hahn

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