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Exploration Series 

What do I want to do?

Oakland Mills United wants to provide all students with opportunities that help them pursue their passions, interests, and self development. Through our Exploration Series, students will be able to learn more about the many different college majors, schools, experiences, and job professions that they may want to pursue. Both are open to ALL students. Learn more below!


College Exploration Series

What major(s) appeal to me? What schools should I apply to? What is your experience at that school or with that major? Learn all this and more!

Join us virtually to learn directly from current college students on why they chose their current major(s), why they decided to go to their current school, their student experience in college is like, and to have any of your college questions answered!

You will walk away with inspiration and knowledge that will help guide your choices and experiences as you begin to think about college. Here are some important student takeaways:

  • More information on a college major

  • More information about a specific college/university and their major related programs 

  • Why our guest speakers pursued their current major(s) and selected their school

  • An opportunity to ask any questions you have!

View Upcoming College Exploration Series Session Speakers - All on Zoom 

  • Kiana Macharia, Washington University Saint Louis (Date TBD)

Check the Calendar page for event information

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