Teenage Students Raising Hands



Oakland Mills United is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in Columbia, Maryland.


Oakland Mills United is run by an entirely volunteer staff. Our staff consists of current and

former Oakland Mills cluster students who strive towards creating a more equitable tomorrow

for our community today. We are an organization led by youth, students, and young adults and

are supported by professionals with expertise in both the nonprofit world and in education.


Oakland Mills United is governed by our volunteer Board of Directors, which are responsible for

providing governance and oversight of our organization and maintains our financial assets. In

addition, our Board provides support for our staff to ensure that Oakland Mills United is

effectively serving our community.


Supporting and empowering students, schools, and communities through education, enrichment, and student well-being.​


As a youth run organization, Oakland Mills United stays true its mission of empowering students to become strong leaders.


Oakland Mills United is based on an Emerging Leaders Model, where our organizational staff are all current students ranging from middle school to higher education. All operations are run by our youth staff, who consist of current OM cluster students, OM alumni, and individuals outside of OM who believe in our mission.

We are supported by professional expertise through our Advisory Board, which consists of individuals from Oakland Mills, Howard County, and across the United States. Our Advisory Board supports our staff through providing assistance, mentorship, and specialized expertise in our organization's operations. 

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the organization and also works directly with our staff to support operations.