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David Doggette

Board Member

David M. Doggette is a big picture technologist with a passion for people, relationships,
and sensible solutions. As an engineer that has worked as a software engineer,
systems engineer, cybersecurity engineer all while running a successful small business
supporting the U.S. Intelligence Community, Mr. Doggette has a broad tactical and
strategic knowledge and has led many teams to successful implementations that have
saved the government millions of dollars and man hours.

Doggette imagined a cybersecurity tool that connects the MITRE Cyber Threat
Framework lexicon to that of the Intelligence Community. Leading a small team, a
prototype was built and quickly reached over 1,000 users. Many have stated that this
tool has saved countless man-hours of research by bringing the data together and
relating it in an easy to use single tool. His vision and oversight throughout this process
is typical of his strategic mindset, leadership and mentorship.

Doggette is also at home rolling up his sleeves and getting things done. He architected
a solution in both Primavera and then MS Project to create an Integrated Master
Schedule and Integrated Master Plan for the National Security Agency. His solution
allowed for both autonomy and cooperation across several disparate organizations.
Under his leadership, the team also automated the creation of roadmaps that were
instrumental to senior level briefings.

In his current role as President and CEO of 2HB, he sets direction for the leadership
team, leads the executive meetings, reviews and oversees the financial documents,
evaluates talent, and mentors managers and employees. With over 25 years leading
2HB, Doggette has an extensive network within the Department of Defense, Stanford
Alumni, and the Music Industry. One of his greatest joys is connecting people to each
other for their mutual benefit.

He currently serves on the board of directors for Howard Community College Education
Foundation in Columbia, MD (Committees: executive/finance and investment, and 5K
Fun Run), and as co-President on the Stanford National Black Alumni Association
(Committees: Website, Merchandising and Fundraising, and Black Alumni

Doggette spent his Freshman year at Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL before
transferring to Stanford University to receive his bachelor’s degree in computer science
(1991) a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Maryland at
College Park (1994) and a master’s of business administration degree from the
University of Baltimore (2003). He recently completed the Accelerating Board Diversity
program at Harvard Business School - Executive Education (2022).

Hobbies include playing the piano, songwriting, basketball, golf, snow/water skiing,
roller skating, mentoring, and travel. Doggette is married to the former Kimberly
Morrison and has two children - Lindsey and Mason.

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