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Changes for Oakland Mills United

Oakland Mills United has a new website at

We are excited that with this change come change for our schools, our students, and our community. In 2021, Oakland Mills United will continue to advocate for the needs of the Oakland Mills community by being a fierce force for OM schools at the Board of Education's public hearings for the FY2022 Operating Budget and will continue to advocate for OM schools to be scheduled for renovations in the Capital Improvement Plan.

We are also excited to continue our initiatives to directly help the Oakland Mills community by relaunching our free community tutoring program and both creating and readapting new programs and opportunities for our students, schools, and community to be done in a safe virtual format so we can continue to directly impact our community.

We look forward to creating more partnerships and working with other organizations both in the OM community and throughout Howard County and Maryland in order to help support and empower our students, our schools, and our community.


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