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Read our Testimony from the HCPSS Public Hearing on FY 2024 Capital Budget and FY 2025-2029 CIP

Read our Executive Director and CEO's remarks on behalf of the organization to the Board of Education on 8/16 below.

Good evening Members of the Board of Education and Superintendent Martirano,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the FY 2024 Capital Budget and FY 2025-2029 Capital Improvement Program. My name is Samuel Hahn and I am the Executive Director of Oakland Mills United, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering students, schools, and communities through education, enrichment, and student well-being.

We again want to thank you for the new Talbott Spring Elementary School that is soon to open and welcome in hundreds of students. This former school renovation turned into new building construction was promised to the community when I was a student at Talbott Springs over 12 years ago. Thank you for your support in this building replacement and for supporting the Oakland Mills community.

Thank you for listening to the hundreds of students, parents, and stakeholders and for supporting the urgent and crucial renovations of Oakland Mills Middle and Oakland Mills High School. Both these schools are located on the same road, serving the same students, with school buildings that have been neglected for years. We ask that you continue to listen to these voices and follow through with your commitment to these schools by ensuring that renovations occur on time and on schedule and keep our schools on the Capital Improvement Plan. Please continue working with our County Council, County Executive, and State Delegation to ensure that funding for these renovations are secured.

Please let us know how we can make this happen and know that we are willing to move any barriers to ensure that these crucial projects occur on schedule for our students and community.


Samuel Hahn

Executive Director & CEO


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